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Getting burned sucks for sure. When I was 12 years old, I bought an aquarium heater at a yard sale. One morning I plugged it in as I was getting ready for school and laid it on the floor. About 10 minutes later I picked it up, and burned my right hand from the palm to the fingertips. I'd never had an aquarium heater before and didn't know that it gets a lot hotter than 80 degrees when it's not submerged. It burned a hole all the way through the carpet, and I couldn't open my hand for a week.

I also once burned a hole 1/2" in diameter and over 1/4" deep in my left arm. I was working under the dash of my 79 Trans Am, and shorted two wires together with my arm. It made a great smell.

My stepfather bought the first 1982 Mazda RX7 in Austin, TX. A few weeks later he was driving (probably drunk) about 80mph on a twisty 2 lane in the hill country and ran the car off the road. It went through two barbed wire fences, and ripped the front suspension off the car on both sides. The idiot got out of the car and crawled under the back to try and see if there was any damage. In doing so, he grabbed the exhaust with both hands. Keep in mind that this was a rotary, and he'd just coasted it down from high speed. The exhaust was probably as hot as a typical catalytic converter, and he ended up with third degree burns on both hands.

The insurance company decided to rebuild the car, including 4 new wheels, all new front steering and suspension, all new glass except the hatch (barbed wire scratches the hell out of windows), new front sheet metal and bumper, etc. They also had to do a compete repaint. What a piece of junk. I don't think that car ever had more than three wheels touching the ground at one time again.
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