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I changed the spark plugs in the Cruze today. That was fun and easy. I think the old plugs looked good but maybe a bit on the lean side. I'm sure they could have gone an extra 20k miles or so. The electrode looked almost new but with a coating of ash. The timing belt is coming up next.

I screwed one thing up. Apparently you're not supposed to gap these plugs or it can scrape off some coating and they won't last as long. Oh well, I don't need to keep the car much longer. Another few years, I guess.

Speaking of changing vehicles, I want an electric truck but I don't want to spend $60k. I was watching some videos of Ben Nelson's lithium Ranger conversion and that seems like the easiest path forward. I'll have to keep my eyes open for an EV Ranger for sale. They're rare these days. The timeline to begin this project is about a year or so.


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