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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
You and ptsmith24 should compare notes cuz he is having some issues too, the thing runs for weeks on end in my cars so there is something different about your environment.

you have an iduino based version? using .73/.74? Any code tweaks?

Is there any pattern to when it resets?

like after a certain amount of time or distance or fuel usage or right when you start the engine or use the horn or kill switch or ???
Iduino - Yes
Version .73 no tweaks
No pattern random (main problem with tracking down too can't duplicate at certain intervals)
Just when either shutting off with coil kill or ignition. No other items causing it.

Originally Posted by wagonman76 View Post
Does yours use a power supply jack, or is it hardwired to the board? Ive seen plenty of power supply jacks and plugs that break internally. But the way it acts up when you shut the engine off seems pretty consistent, besides you have basically a UPS for it now, so I dont think its a main power issue.

Hows your ground? Is it connected right to the car frame, or another ground wire that might be getting fishy signals when you kill the engine?

I also wonder if it might be getting a spike through one of the data input lines. Maybe try higher value resistors in the data lines?
Uses a connector but a good one, no way could be loose connection there. I believe also not a power issue anymore as well.

Actually I have not checked ground, I may look into this tomorrow.

I was wondering same thing on spikes on inputs. How much larger of a resistor should I use in there and still receive signal?
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