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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Did you ever bother to think there might be a reason for "well, we've always done it this way" or "it's not worth the bother of changing". Do you think hundreds of thousands of engineers and managers over the years are complete blockheads?
Managers, yes. I've dealt with enough of them :-) And quite often the reason for "we've always done it this way" is simple inertia, or the not-invented-here syndrome, or some other psychological quirk.

As for the engineers, most of them are not blockheads. Some of them get working prototypes of their ideas - the winglets are a prime example - only to see them ignored by management or marketing. Engineers built working hybrid & Stirling-engined powered cars in the '70s, along with many of the other ideas mentioned here. Management and marketing gave us the SUV instead.
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