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This is the most recent relevant thread for this:
Steel bumpers were removed, as were the steel bumper extensions and parking brake assembly. The heavy core support and radiator were removed and an L-88 aluminum radiator was mounted lower, for optimal airflow.

He deleted the windshield wiper systemís metal door, linkage, and vacuum actuator. The removable rear window and metal framework were replaced by a plexiglass piece, while the rear Astro ventilation ductwork was also removed, together with grilles, vacuum actuator, and door.

The headlights were inspired by the Lola Ford GT. The quad headlights sit behind plexiglass covers and are nested in 1963 Corvette headlight buckets. The turn signals came from a 1966 Pontiac GTO and the high beams were GE aircraft landing lights. GM did not offer sports mirrors at the time, so the original chrome one was removed and a pair of 1969 Mustang BOSS 302 mirrors were molded directly into the doors.

the interior was also simplified. It featured a radio and heater delete, and Richard fitted a factory radio block-off plate. The gauge cluster above it was simplified and the die-cast center console was replaced with a lightweight aluminum panel.

The veteran Pontiac technician used window switches that were 1969 Pontiac Station Wagon tailgate window switches. Those were recessed into the leather-padded part of the console. Aside from using a lot of aluminum, Richard also removed the factory sound deadening and carpet padding, after which he reinstalled the original carpeting directly over the fiberglass floor. The lightweight seats were sourced from Bruce Meyers, creator of Meyers Manx

The steering wheel came from a 1969 Pontiac Trans Am, which can be adjusted outwards and inwards by popping out the 1956 Corvette horn button and loosening a screw beneath it.
What struck me as an unexpected challenge, was that after losing 500 pounds, the owner then learned that he now needed to adapt the suspension, for it no longer was a heavy weight, and needed the right shocks for a lighter car.
I dig the GT-40 headlights on a Corvette.


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