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The first thing that is told to any new ecomodder, is that the number one thing that you can do to improve your FE is "It's the driver" or "Technique", not "Get a Civic or Metro". Of course there are cars that are more FE than others out of the box, but it is the driver that has the biggest affect on mpg's (Kudo's to W.G.). A driver whose focus is on FE will have much better mpg's than one who does not. A driver whose focus is on safety will be much safer than one who does not. Of course there are cars that by design and features are safer than others, but the driver makes the biggest difference. It is interesting to note that in aviation, the PRIMARY focus on safety is "Avoidance", not devices and designs that prevent injury after the accident. These things are SECONDARY, yes they are important too, but not the MOST important. Do you think the flying public would feel safer if we had more accidents and less fatalities or less accidents overall? Pilots undergo many hours of training and recurrent training, planes are maintained to high standards, critical aircraft systems are reduntant, all to AVOID accidents. The BEST way to stay safe is to avoid the accident in the first place.

The opinion of a hypermiler and an A&P mechanic.
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