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I'm having a lockup issue too. It's definitely not consistent. Last night it seems like it may have occurred after parking, but it wasn't on shutdown of the engine, because I EOC'ed a qtr mile to my parking spot. The whole thing was hung, couldn't change brightness - the LCD was still illuminated this morning (stayed lit all night).

I have been having some odd issues on the VSS signal, where for a while it was reading the speed just fine, then it seems like it just stopped recognizing the signal right. It was OK one minute (highway driving), then the speed on the 'guino started dropping and for a while showed ~15mph. During this time, even when stopped it showed ~5mph, and seemed variable based on engine RPM speed (in neutral, parked). Then it just dropped out to 0.

Reflashed from .067 to .074. Seemed to resolve the VSS issue (at least for now), but not the hang.

Hardware modifications:
Added 50k resistor at INJ tap (so we have INJ --- 50k --------- 100k/zener --- 'guino)

Software modifications:
Swapped RS and EN (pins 4 & 5) in SW for a wire cross mistake in HW (oops).
Customized "Custom" screen.
Modded Setup screen to position cursor at XX rather than first digit (p=11).
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