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The results are in for engine off coasting. I filled up on my way home today and ended up with 48 MPG over 240 miles, which is pretty much in line with what the Scangauge says and what I predicted- not much benefit to killing the engine while coasting and certainly not enough of a gain to offset the additional wear, potential dangers, or inconvenience over the long run.

I averaged 47 MPG (1 MPG less) over my previous tank driving the same route the same way except leaving the engine running at all times, but the weather was quite a bit colder last week so I can't even definitively say that the 1 MPG gain was from engine off coasting.

I wonder if only engine off coasting once the engine is fully warmed up may produce better results? The engine takes several more miles to fully warm up when it's shut off while coasting compared to when it's left idling, so that probably negates some of the gains.
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