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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
( I was pulled over while attempting to 'pulse and glide'.
They ticketed me for not using my signal when I moved into the slow lane as they rushed up behind me.
Over $150 by the time it was all done.)
I HATE it when someone zooms up behind me. If they do it at night, I have no clue if it's some crazy or some nutty cop who wants to see if I'm DWI..

Every time it has happened, it only takes a couple of minutes for the cop
to see that he zoomed up behind the wrong guy. Nope, Not DWI.. Now what?
When I ask them why they decided to risk my life by nearly ramming my car,
it's everything I can do to keep from calling them a freaking idiot..

They always run my plate for 20 minutes, but never have a reason to give me a ticket.


Down in RI, they had a guy trying to get a job with the PD who aced the test,
but they wouldn't hire him, because he was TOO SMART!!
AND, they told him that! So, he sued them!

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