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Yesterday the dealership called and said my battery has arrived and I needed to schedule an appointment today or tomorrow. So today at 8 I'm getting a new battery. They say the car will be ready by 5 pm. That is MUCH faster than the 5-6 weeks they said it would take to get the battery - more like 5-6 days.

With this in mind I decided to do a last battery experiment and take my battery down to 0% SOC. I drove to less than 5% SOC and then parked in the driveway and turned the heat and A/C to max. Some early observations

A. The electric resistance heater maxes out at 7500 watts on high and the A/C adds about another 1500 watts.
B. At 5% the last orange bar on the SOC gauge blinks
C. At about 3% the last bar disappears
D. At 0% SOC (0.376%) the RAW number was 5% higher so it looks like GM has a 5% buffer at the bottom.
E. At 0% SOC (5% RAW) my cell voltages were at at 3.2V +/- a bit. I haven't compiled the data from each and done an average or min / max yet

The MyChevy app doesn't work to pull data when a OBDII dongle is installed so I don't have range estimates at low SOC.

Some charging data for Piotrsko.
The Bolt does not slow charging - at least not at temperatures in the 40s.

When I plugged in the Level 2 charger at 0% SOC and 49 degrees it jumped right to 5.78 kW charge rate which is the max for my charge (limited by home wiring not the charger) I charged for a couple hours and then turned it off. This morning at 27% SOC / 43F it jumped right back to charging at 5.78 kW.
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