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All US Gallon. Always 85 octane E10 regular.

2003 Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter. With taller GIVI windshield and the passenger backrest got 49-50 MPG at a commuting stop and go 0-70 MPH.
Steady 70 MPH it got 54 MPG. On a 2500 mile road trip, from Butte MT down to Laramie WY I did a lot of 95 to 115+ MPH blasts and got 28 MPG.

2008 Burgman 650. With tall GIVI windshield, GIVI top box and two GIVI hard side bags. On a 485 mile mountain road trip with speeds between 50-70 MPH and locking it in manual Overdrive it got 68 MPG with 1 tank of 71 MPG. This run was from home south of Seattle area, northbound to Monroe WA then eastbound over US-2 mountain pass, northbound up to US-20 (North Cascades Pass) westbound to Everett WA and back home.

These Scooters are big and heavy. It weighs 575 pounds wet, I weigh 205 with a full belly.
They look Aero with the full fairing but are NOT.
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