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The Prius Experiment - '07 Toyota Prius Base
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Just a quick update. I've done 2 fillups since installing the grille block. The average fuel economy before the grille block was 58 mpg. These last 2 fillups were 60+ mpg. So we're looking at 2-3 mpg difference (about 3-5% improvement).

However, I'm not ready to claim victory with the grille block yet. I'm sure it helps FE, but the question is how much. You see, the previous fuel economy data were taken during the winter (or what passes for winter in Florida). I was occasionally using the heater, which means the ICE was running more often. During these last 2 fillups, I hardly used the heater at all.

There is also some variability caused by the Prius fuel tank. It has a bladder in the tank, which makes fillups somewhat inconsistent. The guys on PriusChat say to do 3-5 fillups and take an average, for more consistent data. So I'm going to do one more fillup, then move on to the next mod.

Also one more comment before I hit the submit button: I want this car to be presentable in public. I know the Prius isn't exactly a show car, but I'd like the mods to look like they belong there. So the pipe insulation, pizza pans, etc are just proofs of concept. If they work as planned, then I will make "real" parts to replace them.
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