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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Could be but most fuel here for sale in Reno is imported from the San Fran APCD refiners via pipeline and meets that spec, except for Maverick which has quality control issues. Drive 20 miles to Carson and they get their fuel elsewhere (modesto?) By truck.

Vegas and surrounds are pipeline from LAAPCD via 14" pipeline out of san berdue which is prone to leaking when trains derail onto it.
Oh interesting, that's why Carson City has much lower prices I guess?

I started off with a full tank of Costco summer fuel that sat around for a while, then I added a little E85 to it to boost the octane. Then I filled it with some winter fuel at a 76 and it seemed like the mpg dropped a bit.

Then I went up to Reno, filled at a Costco on the way. Seemed like I lost more mpg but it could have been the wind.

Finally in Reno I had a full tank of Raley's fuel and at that point I was extremely sure the gasoline was lower density because I could go downhill and still have less mpg than before.

All I know for sure is that I'm getting 10% lower mpg compared to the summer despite diluting my motor oil with some 0w-16 to reduce its viscosity. I still have the same piece of tape covering the oil cooler to keep the oil hotter, and I pumped the tires up more to compensate for lower temps.

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