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I'm back!

Well I'm back at it again after what must have been a 10-year hiatus. The last time I had considered hypermiling, I was a broke college student who needed every last penny. Unfortunately, now I'm a broke working adult who can't afford $4 a gallon gas nor can I afford to buy a more economical car. Besides, I love my car and wouldn't get rid of it for anything.

I'm driving two 6th generation Honda Accords. The oldest is a 1998 with the 3.0 J30A1 4AT. It's got 307,000 miles on it and going strong. The second is a 2002 2.3 F23A1 5MT with 227,000 miles, also in solid condition with recently rebuilt front end.

I'm hoping to get a consistent 30 MPG from the V6 and 35 MPG from the 4 cylinder. I've got a scan gauge on the V6 right now and I've pumped up my Falken Sincera tires to 40 psi. The V6 is my preferred ride in spite of the mileage so I'll be driving it the most. Hopefully y'all can give me some feedback on the tires. I'm particularly concerned about excessive tire wear because tires have gone up just as much in price as gasoline. They ride great at the placard recommended 32 psi but rough as hell at 40. I have noticed a few MPG improvement however.

My next goal will be to fix the undercarriage which is pretty raggedy and diminishing my aerodynamics. Not sure what else I can do beyond that. I took out The driver's seat because it was worn out and replaced it with the passenger seat. It's down a seat so I've lost some weight there. If anyone else has attempted to hypermile this vehicle, please chime in. I was getting pretty terrible mileage 18 to 20 before making a concerted effort to improve it. The vehicle has a p0420 catalyst code which may be hurting my mileage but I haven't checked the fuel trims yet.

I'm glad to be back even though I prefer not worrying about fuel consumption under normal circumstances!

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