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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
What about Greenie - '94 Geo Metro LSi -- 55.23 mpg (US)?
The frame rusted in two! Haven't driven it in 10 years. I let my father take the Mitsubishi when I was in college and one day it died on him and left him stranded. He never could figure out what happened to it and it was eventually scrapped. Pontiac was involved in a collision with a deer and leaked water like a sieve after the insurance company had it repaired. I gave it to my brother because I couldn't stand the moldy wet dog smell any longer, and it ate up brake pads yearly.

I do have some classic econoboxes I'd like to restore and get back to hypermiling. My dad has an 87 festiva he parked and left for 5-10 years. I got it running but foolishly drove it a few miles with varnished gas and clogged up the carburetor so it's parked again (I live 6 hours away, otherwise I'd have already fixed it since he doesn't want it). He's also got a Metro that will run as long as I get a new fuel tank and pump, but it has title issues that I would have to sort out. My grandfather passed away a few years back and had a 95 Metro which ran and drove up until the day he died but has been parked since. I won't be able to fix that one up until his late wife also passes.

It's pretty hard to find those old econo boxes in the urban area, I live. My dad and my grandpa were both mechanically inclined and had the land to buy a few junked vehicles to use for donor cars. If I lived nearby i would cobble something together and make it run, but right now I can't find anything like that in my area. Too many wealthy people who aren't interested in such vehicles.

I did see a fully restored festiva with a fantastic paint job. I'll upload the link if I can find it, but it wasn't for sale and is someone's daily driver. I really like the festiva and its look more than the Metro and would rather drive it even if it gets worse FE. Those Mazda B series engines are bulletproof.
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