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Originally Posted by serialk11r View Post
Oh interesting, that's why Carson City has much lower prices I guess?

I started off with a full tank of Costco summer fuel that sat around for a while, then I added a little E85 to it to boost the octane. Then I filled it with some winter fuel at a 76 and it seemed like the mpg dropped a bit.

Then I went up to Reno, filled at a Costco on the way. Seemed like I lost more mpg but it could have been the wind.

Finally in Reno I had a full tank of Raley's fuel and at that point I was extremely sure the gasoline was lower density because I could go downhill and still have less mpg than before.

All I know for sure is that I'm getting 10% lower mpg compared to the summer despite diluting my motor oil with some 0w-16 to reduce its viscosity. I still have the same piece of tape covering the oil cooler to keep the oil hotter, and I pumped the tires up more to compensate for lower temps.
we had all ready been on winter gas FOR A LONG time so it's not relevant

I mean they do put fresh gas in 2-3 times a day it's not like it still had summer gas in it from 5 months ago

the switch is done in oct 1
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