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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
What mpg did you get on the trip from Michigan to Kentucky, although the cold, wet, rainy night conditions seen in your photos arenít optimum for mileage. Use of the headlights alone drops your mileage by 1.5 mpg. Use of Rainex greatly reduces your need to run the windshield wipers with their slight increase in drag and electrical load. If Ecky hasnít addressed it yet, reinstalling a smooth underpanel is good for 7 mpg. Before doing that, you might consider replacing that section of rubber tubing on the gas line under the gas tank that was installed by the Honda dealership with a more durable brass fitting. Good luck with the car, and with current gas prices, Aerocivic will save you a bundle of money.
So far Iíve only driven the AeroCivic in cold and unfavorable conditions and my mileage has suffered as a result, and Iím still learning how to drive it properly (new to lean burn and Honda engines in general) but itís already leaps and bounds ahead of where ky Saturn was
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