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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
The easiest way to determine your carís potential for mpg improvement via aeromods is to find out how much your mileage improves when drafting. A removable Reese hitch mounted boat tail would the single biggest potential mpg improver (and can also be used for additional cargo storage space). Beyond that, wheel well covers, double side skirts in combination with wheel spats in front of each wheel and a mini-boat tail behind the back wheel. Since your car starts out with pretty good aerodynamics (0.24 Cd), check your grill opening size, airflow pattern through the engine compartment, and existing underpanelling for potential improvements over the OEM equipment.

I have the same problem with my 0.28 Cd Camry hybrid, great mileage below 60 mph, but big drops in 70+ mph interstate driving. Iím retired, so I donít do much interstate driving, but if I still had a long interstate commute, I would be adding these mods to my Camry.
Can you send some photos of examples of a few of those things? And the front grill on the Ioniq opens and closes depending on how much cooling it needs, so a grill block isnít necessary for the most part. In the winter, it stayed shut the whole time
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