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High speed fuel economy

I took a 240 mile trip last Sunday and did it at an average speed of 80 MPH. Basically 75-85 mph as the speed limit was mostly 80 mph and conditions nice, zero stops, in about 2 hours 45 mins. The car a new 2022 Hyundai Sonata hybrid.

Was pretty happy with 42.5 mpg calculated at the pump, the car said I was getting 43.2. There was 1200 feet of elevation gain start to finish and there were winds of 5-15 mph but not a tail or headwind. The trip back I slowed down about 5 mph, had the downhill and similar wind and got 44.5 mpg at more like a 75 mph average while driving but stopped once along the way.

Pretty happy. What's the best 80 mph average others have gotten? Even the TDIs seem to drop off pretty hard after 75 mph. My ev mode would kick on and off even at 85 mph so that was cool.

Yeah .24 cD!

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