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2000 Toyota Echo
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2000 Toyota Echo

I have just joined this forum. Mpgs have been important to me for some time. I have a Cherokee 4x4 w/ 31" tires that got around 35 mpg on the highway. This was achieved through customized fuel injectors from a mustang, cold air intake, exhaust, and steady pedal. Years later after the first gas crunch I went to motorcycles b/c I couldn't afford a Prius, lol. Still ride. I have also enjoyed getting excellent mpgs around town in a 91 Miata.

However I now have a 2000 Echo coupe. I really like this car. This one is an AZ car purchased new for 9,999. It came with a stack of paperwork about 5 or 6 inches thick. The lady who owned it had all work done at the dealer. It only had 92k miles on it. The car had been sitting for some time due to her left knee giving out. Gas was going bad, possibly the fuel pump. I told her I would love the car,she said she was going to fix it. (She thought I was kidding about wanting to buy the car.) Two days later she had it towed to the dealership. I hounded her and finally had a conversation. She had been qouted $2k for tank and line cleaning and a new pump! I asked her why she would agree to that? She replied she wanted a good trade in value in 2 years, after she had knee surgeries (the reason why she stopped driving this manual echo).

I said that is insanity! 2 years of registration, insurance, continued maintenance on a car you can't drive? For trade in value?! How much do you want for the echo as-is? She said $600? I said how about $700 since she had just paid me 100 to install a new battery and terminals a few days ago. She said yes,. Cancelled the service department and sold me the echo!

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