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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
It's like another planet, when it's dry in August and September. The rest of the year it has brine creeks running through it.. I don't understand how Model Ts can have been there every year for a half century.

I have family in the hills above Willamina, and I was a some friend's house and saw the local news. They had a story about the tribal folk in Grand Rond reclaiming the old paper mill on the river to turn it into a tourist trap.

Maybe I can get up that way. For that long a trip [in the Metro] I'd air down the tires and take the gas mileage hit to save my posterior.
the coast is pretty all year though. sunny summers or foggy winters with massive trees. i just had to leave because theres not much to do for us young millenials. got too boring ha

first test ill probably have to do out that way once it stops raining is tuft tests with and without rear wheel spats/covers. seems like the easiest thing
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