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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
1) The most important part of the car is it's rear.
2) OEM longitudinal body camber, along the sides may 'hide' any rear skirt 'bulge', placing it in the 'shadow' of the body projection.
3) Even if there was an increase, the 'GOOD' the skirt would do for the tail extension would be orders of magnitude better than any frontal area penalty.
4) You'd want full rear skirts because of the onset flow issue. There are no really low-drag vehicles lacking full skirts.
5) If you had a bridge-fiducial, or perfectly-aligned laser, you could directly investigate any frontal area aggravation.
6) The boat-tail on my CRX was responsible for most of its speed at Bonneville. 'Bulging' rear skirts to get clean air onto the tail was a structural necessity.
7) Af penalty, if any, still netted an overall 26.5% drag reduction.
looks nice. thats about the same size bulge i was seeing when doing the quick cardboard test. i could avoid a bulge if i did the half skirt like light year one, but if im going to fabricate a rear wheel cover, i might as well go all out and do the full one.

the honda clarity has a mini one though. no idea how much of an impact it provides, but it kind of looks cool for a modern car

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