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Originally Posted by Phase View Post
looks nice. thats about the same size bulge i was seeing when doing the quick cardboard test. i could avoid a bulge if i did the half skirt like light year one, but if im going to fabricate a rear wheel cover, i might as well go all out and do the full one.

the honda clarity has a mini one though. no idea how much of an impact it provides, but it kind of looks cool for a modern car
The leading edge of any bulge would be in a favorable pressure gradient, with the air 'held' against the panel by the oncoming flow.
Where the skirt started to contract span-wise, and beyond, is where we'd have to pay attention, providing for only very gradual cross-sectional area reduction, and subtle pressure rise, as with any streamlined profile; as this flow is otherwise, in an adverse pressure gradient, subject to separation.
I strongly advise using the full skirt.
If Lightyear One wanted lower drag, they'd need to alter their rear architecture.
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