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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Please scroll down to # 15 (permalink ) to see delta-Cd as a function of rear elongation. Boat-tailing is the only modification being accomplished.
The 'short-tail', @ Cd 0.237 is similar to the IONIQ.
The 'mid-tail', @ Cd 0.195 is close to your target.
Looking from above, in plan-view, the tail introduces the side boat-tailing you need to complement changes to the roofline and diffuser area.
Here's another source, including images from above the C-111
ill for sure work on the boat tailing with the mid length. only difficult thing is going to be the side with the tail lights!

also since youre good with math, can you tell me what my highway mpg would increase to if i lowered the cd from 0.24 down to say just 0.20 without changing the engine or weight or anything system wise?
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