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Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
20 years ago when I lived in Portland I used to do a lot of nighttime automotive "testing" at the Swan Island industrial area. Nice smooth multi-lane roads that you'll pretty much have to yourself on nights & weekends.

For zero dollars you can do coast down testing starting from a stop on the hill on going street (looking up hill):

You can then coast down onto Channel & around the slight bend onto Lagoon (but you have a stoplight that might mess up a run) or you can turn a little bit more sharply onto basin and coast unimpeded:

Start from the same spot on the hill each time (e.g. a certain lamppost) and see how far you coast (either to a stop or until you drop below a certain speed).
thats a good idea. whats the speed limit? i know aero matters more at higher speeds. going slower probably wont show much of a diff like it does with low rolling resistance tires tested
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