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I admit to being somewhat complacent and haven't been on this site for almost 2 years. With fuel prices being as they are right now, there should be plenty of interest in this. At one point I had three different 1987 CRX has at once. I sold them off because the stock carburetor has a seal underneath it that wears out that's an impossible to find, and I tried replacing the carb with a Weber and that was fine for power but lost tons of MPGs. In the last year or so oh, I picked up a 2000 Honda Insight, my first ever Toyota of any kind which is a 89 Corolla wagon with manual 5 speed of course with no modifications except for just having normal stock skinny little Tires and Wheels getting 46 miles per gallon right off the bat without really even trying. I also picked up recently just before the fuel went up a 1981 Diesel Rabbit pickup. Was extremely pleased on the timing of getting that as I've only had it for two or three months now. Currently in the process of purchasing a 2019 Suzuki DR 200 dual sport with only 56 original miles on it that's Suzuki claims 88 miles per gallon and I can't wait to see what I will be able to get out of it!!! I only see two or three names other members that I remember from a couple years ago but I'm sure there's a few more. So I'm just sort of reintroducing myself and glad to be back!!!
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