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What is wrong with this $800 2002 Civic with 250,000 miles? Is it a melted crank position sensor?

This is what I posted in the For Sale thread. I will post pictures when I am on my computer.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
It cranks and starts with the crankshaft position sensor disconnected, but runs like crap. It got hot coming up the hill from the valley last summer. Shut it down and had it towed home. I found that the fan circuit was not working and not coming on. So I believe it over heated and may have melted the crank position sensor. I am as far into it as Iam will to go. Asking $800 will need to be towed. The interior is clean, new tires put on, with new shocks and struts. New fuel pump and sending unit. Was a great commute car, donít know why the fan stopped working. Never had any issues prior.
That's a lot of miles, but she is a good-looking car, and for $800 I would be willing to tow it to Napa and ask them to poke it with a stick.


It is 3 years newer than my Accord and looks vastly better, but has another 25,000 miles.

Yup, 11% more miles!

If it doesn't have any major leaks then it should be in better shape!

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