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floated up

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I topped off the radiator and drops of oil and what I fear are solids from a bottle of head gasket fix floated up.
Start pulling spark plugs to identify the offending cylinder.
If you have all the parts, and nothings warped, replacing the head gasket is a one-day job.
You need to understand what the failure mode was though.
On my CRX, the firewall-side of the carburetor has a coolant line for rapid heat.
Mine developed a less than pin-hole sized leak, which under temp and pressure was only a fine mist! Almost impossible to detect.
It took the car down. But came back from the dead.
To get the timing belt off you'll be looking right at the water pump. It's a normal service item for replacement, as well as the belt. Check the cog-belt idler-tensioner while you're there.
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