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New member with diesel 2.0 Citroen Picasso

Hi everyone 👋

Just wanted to say hello, I have a 2003 Citroen Picasso 2.0 hdi 90 bhp.

Owned about 3 months and really been struggling with fuel prices so I decided to hypermile for the foreseeable future.

I'm also making an effort to get the car upto standard in hopes it will reap better mpg.

I saw 45mpg on the dash as an overall for thousands of miles .... But I recently reset this ( and started making effort to hypermile ) and I'm now seeing 55mpg average through trying my best!

I have dabbled with hypermiling in the past( not been too bothered to get back into it ) but right now there's no better time with prices to do our best to save fuel.

I'll be doing one simple modification to my car and that is a non standard air filter which will be less restrictive .

I'm hoping to improve on the 55mpg through changing to clean, thinner oil, and last night I increased tyre pressures from 39 to 44psi ( max sidewall) plus the air filter change.... ( No idea how dirty my current filter is!!)

I'm also going to remove some unnecessary weight from the car ! Though minimally as I want to be prepared in case of break down.

I do expect, and hope! with the car upto the standard I'd like it to touch 60mpg ....

I know this isn't a magically high figure, but for a big car , usually driving family about, mixed town / motorway driving with 130,000 miles on the engine I think I'll be quite thrilled to see 60mpg 🙏

I don't know how regular I'll be on this forum but it will be nice to chat with you all in time to come .

I'm in east England, UK.
Diesel price currently 1.78 per litre ( 4.55 litres / gallon)
8.10 per gallon / $10.58 per gallon
14.7p per mile / 19.2c per mile

Thanks everyone 🙏

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