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Originally Posted by Phase View Post
do you use any block heaters? noticed youre in gunnison. gorgeous area! was -8 degrees in the sunny morning when i went in february. ive always wanted to install a block heater for my ioniq since cold engines give horrible mpg, and they cant provide any cabin heat for those chilly mornings!
I currently have a "stock" block heater on the Avalon. It's called a "cartridge" heater and slips into a specially designed hole on the engine block. It works ok, but only keeps the engine at about 30F above ambient temperature and takes several hours to reach it, so in the winter the engine may never be above freezing when I start it. I think it's 200W but am unsure.

In the past I've used 1,500W circulating tank heaters on other vehicles such as a 1.6L 1985 VW Golf diesel engine. That heater would make a difference in as little as 15 minutes. 2 hours or less would have the engine up to running temperatures even in freezing temps. I'd like to get a couple of these again, one for each of my cars.

I had a 150W heated oil plate heater on the 1972 VW Super Bug that worked ok for an aircooled engine.
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