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Originally Posted by Matt Herring View Post
So based on the graphs you posted we should assume that for every car on the road the average car in the US consumes approx. 500-550 gallons of gas a year and gets roughly 17 mpg?...Interesting.

I'm a little foggy on "per capita car" which may include vehicles like shipping company truck fleets, taxis, etc? The gallons consumed and mpg seems to be in line with that I would have guessed. (Before finding ecomodder I was probably right around those numbers in consumption and efficiency).
It's passenger car only (which may include light trucks - it's been awhile since I put that together).

And, Doh! I misread my old post (which is why it didn't say passenger vehicle mpg) disregard those mpg numbers - that's for all motor vehicles (which does include commercial vehicles).

BTS | Table 4-11: Passenger Car and Motorcycle Fuel Consumption and Travel has the passenger vehicle data - it looks like the graph will have a similar trend, but offset higher leveling off around 22mpg.
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