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Hi there , in my car there is no dpf though it was fitted to the 1.6 diesel variant! ( Mine is 2.0 )

Yes I do expect a slight improvement with an aftermarket free flowing filter, or bypass the air box with a cone filter...... Still not decided which is better but in any case, as long as it's less restrictive it should provide a little ( very little) power boost and with it, a little better economy I hope though I can't be sure anything will happen.

If it makes things worse I can retro fit.

Apparently, the filters used in this car are very restrictive with an additional micro fibre layer underneath the regular filter!

If the engine compensates with more fuel where there's not enough air, then black smoke comes out the back which is unburnt fuel as far as I'm aware? It would be better being burnt that way id not need to press the accelerator pedal as hard and squirt less fuel in.

I do really wonder what's going on though because my best mpg so far is just 57mpg. It's slightly improved .... But I should be getting 61mpg according to manufacturers! I should be beating that easy with my driving techniques!

I managed to get my last heavy petrol 2 litre turbo car to 50mpg and diesel in my experience is far easier to get better mpg numbers with !

I had a megane 1.5 diesel a few years ago Wich was easy to hover around 80mpg with so I think something could be wrong with my car giving me bad mpg numbers despite driving like a saint .....

Perhaps my air filter is ancient! I better check ✅ I should have done this by now .
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