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Subbed to the thread. Defo will be interesting to see what effect the pizza pan covers have. From my understanding, the stock rims are alright for areo, but there's always design comprises, aka look vs function. I don't think the general public likes moon caps too much even though they give the better areo.

In the past I remember kammbacks give a pretty good mpg boost, it's a compromise between a full boat tail and doing nothing. Sharp edges help dis-attach the air flow.

It's been a while since I've been on here, but if I remember right there's a bit of gains up front, but the real gains are in the rear on most vehicles. I think the mirror swap could be made more areo, but it would take more fab work and such. On my 97 corolla, I reviewed the laws and I wasn't required to have a passenger side mirror, so I deleted it completely. Adding a small camera and a screen might be pretty easy to do with a backup camera kit.

It seems to be pretty common for the prius belly pan to get damaged. It might be a good idea to inspect it some time. My 2006 has a fair bit of damage on the passenger side, but there's physical parts of the bumper missing lol. Mine was a car headed to the scrap yard, paid $1600 for it, $1000 for the cats, $600 for the car and the condition matches the price, dirty, neglect, and some body damage, but it's good enough for me.

Your mpg numbers look really good even back when the car was stock. I suspect your driving environment is more ideal for the Prius design, low speed city style driving. I'd be interested in some details of the driving environment you're in to better understand the context of the mpg you're getting. For me roughly 90% of my driving is 55mph open country roads with a small bit of mainly 45mph roads in the city with stop lights and such.

Good luck with the build and mods. Do you have a goal in mind you'd like to achieve for mpg?
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