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Originally Posted by lunarhighway View Post
perhaps it would be interesting to use the same setup to test vortex generators behind an open front wheel well.... front wheel skirts are not really an option for everyone,

but perhaps some vortex generators just aft of the wheel could improve the situation over stock.
some people claim they should be placed in front of a wheelwell so that might be tested as well.

the full wheelwell cover will likely be superior, but it would be interesing to see where vortex generators are positioned betwee these two extremes

Or, maybe some jumbo zig-zag tape fore-&-aft of the wheel wells??
(but not this JUMBO)!

I can see where adding VGs/ZZ tape forward of the wheel well might help some if you had moon disc wheel covers..
But, I wonder if they would help the turbulent air coming off the rear of the wheel well??
Does turbulent air get settled down when it hits a VG?

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