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That's why I wanted a fairly long road to do the testing on. I couldn't check SOC exactly, but the indicator was 2 bars from full, so 6/8 the whole time. I'm sure the testing is far from perfect, but the results I got matched my theory. My main focus was the different take off styles, pretty much keeping the engine a little off idle to around 2000 rpm seems to give similar performance.

Tires are currently at 50psi, max sidewall is 44psi.

I'm not entirely sure what's causing my car's mpg to seem to be lower than what other people seem to get. Hopefully I can figure it out. Main 4 items (or combo of them all) would be high miles on engine/battery, bad wheel bearing (and likely alignment), and the front end damage. Pretty easy to fix everything besides the engine/battery if that's the root cause. I was thinking how I take off and brake was a large factor, but it seems like that's not it.

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