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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I can't address the videos. Unless the rules have changed.
I tried to give you insights into the mind of someone who witnessed low drag firsthand. Hucho's Cd 0.15 'template' of 1978 didn't have a diffuser.
Volkswagen's lowest drag, Cd 0.14 'Flow-body' of 1981 had a 'slow' diffuser.
I have tuft-testing images of a 'steep' Lamborghini diffuser experiencing 100% counter-flow. There IS an angle at which air behind the car begins to flow forwards down under the car, not visa-versa.
There may be caveats attached to specific designs that you'd want/need to know about.
Volvo and Polestar aren't necessary known for low drag.
'High-performance' cars will pay a drag penalty for high speed stability.
what about tesla model s plaid? its high performance and the CD is 0.20 and low drag. look at its rear diffuser

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