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Standard ECU won't handle high amoumts of ethanol, but there is a Finnish company that produces flexfuel kits for almost any car, except direct injection. I'm most propably going that way, even if it's quite expensive, because the kit includes all of the harness, control box and a ethanol sensor. It's widely adaptable and car is still capable to run with more common petrol.

It's already a bit wierd to have a car of that size and age as a only car for a family of four, so having a full fender skirts is not a problem that way. To be classified as a normal family man, you should have a STW or SUV. But anyhow, I'm not a big fan of wheel skirts aestethically, they fit fine for cars that have been designed that in mind like Prius or Insighr, or cars from 40's, so that's not on my plans at first. I'm trying to make the gap smaller by lowering the car a bit and maybe growing tyre profile from 55 to 65 when it's time for new tyres. Lowering and better aerodynamics hopefully upgrades highway stabilility a bit.

All in all, this is not going to be a full out ecomod-car, so I'm not going to sacrifice all of the comfort and handling. For example, a/c stays in it's place for hotter days, it's not used a lot but is very nice when you need it. Belly pan + diffuser are high on the list of modificadätions, because improving aerodynamics is good for many aspects: fuel efficiency, noise and stability. Double sealing the doors, hood, lights and front bumper should help in same manners, less in fuel efficiency but more in noise. Changing to led-bulps too.

Nice partial kammback could be nice too, but needs a lot of time to mold and paint to look stock enough for my taste.
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