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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
Is it possible to re-register as a lighter, non-commercial vehicle? I understand that upping the weight limit would require tests, certification, but going down should be easier. That might allow you to go will single tires, which would reduce rolling resistance and slightly clean up aero.
I believe it's a liability risk for the retailer that drives the tire mounting requirements. The GVWR is stamped on the door frame. It's the same when you buy tires for a Corvette. You might never drive 200mph, but you still have to pay for tires that can.

There are Super Singles that will work but seems they are only available in Australia, or there abouts, and are prohibitively expensive. I could also get a set of inner wheels for under $400 and not mount tires on them. I'll need to be confident about the weight rating on the one tire option before I try anything so bold.

Future maybe change out the axle for something with taller gears and more wheel options but that's only if what's there breaks. She runs 2600rpm at 60mph which seems way too high.
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