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Originally Posted by nickec View Post
It is common knowledge converting a car to three wheels means it is legally a motorcycle.

So how to do this with a Gen 2 Prius?

Weld two rims together. Reverse the rear suspension parts to support the central dual tires.

Sure. No walk in the park. Yet also not so difficult.

Why do it?

You can aero mod the old rear wheel openings. Mileage goes up.

You might use the wheel well volumes for storage.

Insurance goes way down.

Possibly you can avoid smog requirements.

Finally, it will be a real conversation magnet.

P.S.: 2 tires on the now single rim is legally a third wheel and NOT 2 wheels. Per modders who passed DMV.
That seems like a lot of work to save less than a hundred bucks a year on insurance. (My 2011 Acura is $318 a year for full coverage and my 2011 R1200RT motorcycle is $231)

Likely offset by the tire replacements from having 4 tires in a line that pretty much guarantees you hit every bit of road debris.

It sounds like a fun project if you just want to do it as a challenge but I doubt you will see any actual savings.
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