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I did a temp lower grill block, fancy packaging tape. I did the same on my corolla to test the effect lol. Anyway, temps are much colder today than the last trip to the post office, drove the same speeds though, 55 to, 45 back. Indication said 48mpg. Car seems to coast farther now.

Check engine light came back on, I suspect it's P0420 returning, so the cats are bad, or the secondary o2 sensor is junk. Kind of funny I paid extra for the car to have the cat left on it. I wonder if it's plugging up and effecting how the engine runs.

I figured I'd do a seafoam treatment, 1 can down the intake, soak, and run hard for a trip. I ended up taking it out on the express way for 25 miles or so. I'm not sure if that can help clean the cat or not, I'll probably need to try to get one of the cat clearer products and see if that helps much. I suspect the engine consumes oil, and the cat might be coated in some oil preventing it from lighting off. Hoping that the mechanic in a can can get it to fire off and burn the junk out. Will see how that does next time I go up town and grab the can of the stuff, worth a shot at least. I threw 1/2 can in the gas tank, theory is it helps clean the injectors too.

Clearly the trip out wasn't easy on the gas, traveling 60mph was around 40-42mpg if I remember right on the dash. Reset it once I got on the highway at 80mph and it was reading around 32mpg, I swear my corolla did better at that speed lol (I rarely go that fast). On the way back, I set it back down to 60mph and averaged 49mpg from entrance ramp to stopped at the exit ramp which seems slightly better than before but not enough data to really mean much. On the way back I planned to go 55mph, but had a guy try to hit me at the round about, so figured I'd just go 45mph since I didn't care about their feelings much. I averaged from the highway to my house 57.5mpg. That's not half bad, that's about 10 miles. Clearly that's with an already warmed up car, air temp was around 40F starting, 37F when I finished.
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