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Originally Posted by J4nn3R View Post
Standard ECU won't handle high amoumts of ethanol, but there is a Finnish company that produces flexfuel kits for almost any car, except direct injection.
There were times when similar aftermarket flexfuel conversions used to be quite popular in my country too, until flexfuel capability became mainstream and ethanol once again became too expensive to actually justify this feature. Odd enough, direct injection is often reported to be more suitable to flexfuels because it won't require cold-starting aids, and is also better suited to higher compression ratios which would lead to knock while running on gasoline yet are better suited to exploit the higher octane-equivalence of ethanol.

It's already a bit wierd to have a car of that size and age as a only car for a family of four, so having a full fender skirts is not a problem that way.
If you could see how many families of four in my country I see on small cars such as Opel Corsa B, Fiat Uno, among others, you'd be surprised.
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