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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Spring of 2021 there was hard frost that killed a bunch of trees, then it rained more than usual, this year less rain than normal and more wind than normal. Remove any one of those things and the fires are mild. Almost exactly the same thing happened back around 2009-2010.
California can't screw it up bad enough to be number 1 all year every year, but it is only may and it looks like they're trying.
The best thing about new Mexico is last time I checked that fire had came with in 5 miles of a populated area only once.
In California they burn through towns left and right.
Hell of a lot of trees in non urban parts of Cali with houses imbedded because it's scenic. Due to all that mass, they don't have to even try to end up number 1 as it's dry and windy right now, PGE hasn't fixed anything. They missed burning down Tahoe because of a wind shift
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