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Originally Posted by conradpdx View Post
I should amend my above post, cause this last spring Portland added strawbale (infill and compressed load bearing) to the building code. Guess really I just gotta convince the wife to tear this house down (haha---that'll never happen she loves this dump).

<edit> You might find it helpful in dealing with the local authorities to arm yourself with this:

It's a copy of our strawbale addition to the state code.
Cool. Thanks a lot CPDX. That WILL help. The codes from another 5 states I either have to dig up myself or buy in a package along with data from the canadian govt concerning fire resistance. When I approach these guys, I need enough info to (stealthily of course) make them look like idiots for NOT allowing me to go strawbale and that will definitely help.

It'll also give me an idea of what the codes in those states are demanding so I can get a better idea of materials that I may not have planned for. I appreciate that.
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