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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Even when Torque or other apps could be useful, I'd not disconsider a temp gauge.
Torque will likely give him ambient temp, coolant temp, transmission temp, and intake air temp in one display.

Originally Posted by Tmugz88 View Post
Just so I understand correctly, we're you getting 149mgp completely on electric ? I'm sorry I'm still learning a lot about this world lol.

I'd like to see 45-50mpg conservatively with my 2014 Spark as my daily driver.
Yes, I had a 2016 Spark EV which is an purely electric car with a 82 mile range.

45 mpg should be doable with a gas Spark driving on the highway if you are willing to slow down a bit. You will see a big difference between a steady 55 mph, 65 mph, and 75 mph.
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