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I looked at the specs on that one a while back..
The heat works down to 41 degrees. That's okay for Texas, but it use would be limited up here.
I would be able to use it on days like today! But next month, it's going to stay below 40 a lot of the time.

I can't even see how it would work in heat or AC mode with only a single hose to the outside.
Some of the other heat+cool models I've seen have two hoses. One for in and the other for out.

I can almost see how a single hose could work, blowing out cold air when it's heating and blowing out warm air when it's cooling.

But, if it's blowing air out of your house, what's the source of the air??
Once my house has vacuum inside it, it will suck in air from the outdoors.
(Vents from the kitchen & bathroom)..
If it's sucking in ice cold air, it doesn't really help me much.
If the house was really tight, it wouldn't work at all.

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