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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
BASIC stamp; haven't heard that referenced, ever.

That was my introduction to microcontrollers and robotics.

Not sure I'd start with power steering pump in my quest to make a Jeep run more efficiently, but it's something.
The electric powersteering idea is basically getting 2 birds stoned at once. The PS pump as it sits is very close to the steering shaft so I had to space the shaft support mount a good bit off the frame to avoid interference. This creates an issue with the steering shaft being so far off concentric from the hole in the firewall, I cant get the grommet to seal. There are other options to fix the firewall seal issue, just going with an electric pump will have some additional benefits too like more effiecient if installed correctly and more reliable.

I have not really dealt with programming, but willing to learn. I have very limited hands off understanding of CNC programming. Right now I am running a Holley Terminator where I can setup a PWM table within the tune to accomplish my goal and figure out what works best at what speeds fairly easy. But this is a temporary setup since I will be going with a stock EFI setup next winter and I really doubt I can have a programmable PWM output based on the VSS with that.
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