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Originally Posted by MorvanBen View Post
I live in the countryside, so here no traffic jam, no traffic lights... Just empty roads going uphill and downhill with a 90km/h speed limit

I often do longer trips (650 with return, or 900km with return but most of the time I drive on secondary roads, I try to avoid highways and when I have to use one, I never drive faster than 110km/h
That sounds ideal for adding a Kammback, or even a boattail.
The Kamm I made for my previous Pug307sw reduced fuel consumption by 7-8% in the 70-100 km/h range, based on testing at a steady speed.
But that gain almost doubled, because better aero allowed for much longer coasting between pulses. If you have long but not steep downhills, you may also want to add an engine kill switch to save more while coasting.
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