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Hello from Hungary

Hello, all!

I used to live in the US, and I used to own several gasoline vehicles modified for improved fuel consumption and power. I was once very active in supporting my fork of the MPGuino fuel consumption computer, and hope to be doing so again.

Now I live with my Hungarian wife and kids in Hungary, and we own a nice little Opel Zafira B with the 1.7L cdti ecoboost diesel engine and 6-speed. So far, with no modifications save for filling my tires to the rated sidewall pressure, I can usually get anywhere between 5.8 and 6.3 L/100km ( 37 MPG to 40 MPG ) fully loaded with a mix of city and highway driving. And, of course, I'm looking to improve that.

Currently considering a belly pan of some sort, and/or a detachable boat tail. I have my old ScanGauge that I was awarded here on performing as auxiliary instrumentation for things I would have liked to have as gauges on this Opel - engine coolant temperature, boost, engine load, and intake air temperature.

For those of you still interested in my MPGuino fork, I will be examining all of my notes and source code from the most recent release, as well as catching up on what all has been posted here.

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