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Originally Posted by Should be biking View Post
Is that power rating continuous or like the peak 30 second or so power most EV sellers like to quote?
Pulling 80k lbs uphill takes a lot of energy.
I read it as on the average trip the truck recovers 20 - 30% of the battery capacity using regen - not that the peak regen is 20-30% of battery capacity or motor rating.

Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
There are many locations around here were the small single axle truck is dock to stock barely touching surface streets 16 hours a day moving things around facilities and yards up and down the same half mile stretch of road.

These make a lot of sense in the case your buildings are stretched over a mile
Yes, there are a lot of those trucks. I'd say we have 20 - 30 trucks in our industrial park that never leave the park. They just switch trailers all day every day.
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