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Thank you Ecky for taking the time to have a look. Much appreciated. Someone led you to believe that putting magnets on the fuel line is akin to "Snake Oil". I don't know if this reflects your personal experience, if you have a Masters or even a PhD in some related field, but you expressed your "opinion". I'd like to counter with "opinions" of others with Masters and PhD's that came to different conclusions pertaining to magnets on the fuel line:

GMSARN International Conference on Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities for GMS, 2007: Reduction of NOX Emissions in Bio Diesel Engine with EGR and Magnetic Fuel Conditioning

IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 2014: Performance of internal combustion (CI) engine under the influence of stong permanent magnetic field

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 2018: Magnetization of Diesel fuel for Compression Ignition Engine to Enhance Efficiency and Emissions

Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2010: Effect of Fuel Magnetism on Engine Performance and Emissions

I could go on as there are a multitude, but this should suffice for now. Next concern that "most of the modifications listed are illegal in most of the world". I am in the United States, and that is my frame of reference. I have lived in PA, UT, VA, IN, and NJ. I have professional associates in AR, OK, CA, NV, OH, NY, FL, and other states. I have traveled to -- and professionally done work in -- Saudi Arabia, Jordan, China (many parts of that country including Hong Kong), South Korea, Italy, Canada, and Puerto Rico. I have held State Inspection License in 3 of the US States. I was IM certified as well. I have worked with OEMs developing technologies for production. I have done OEM-level testing with Roush Industries in Livonia, MI. I am aware that some of the things listed may be illegal in one or 2 of the countries I've visited, but the vast majority are perfectly acceptable. Since you didn't mention anything specific, I have to be generic as well.

The rest of your comments only reinforce what I'm trying to do -- educate!! I assure you that everything I posted on the Ecoceptor | site has been well researched by me. Furthermore, not showcased is the 30+ years I have spent playing with that stuff (and much, much more!). I learned way more about what doesn't work to eventually get to the few things that do work, and what it takes to make them work. I really do understand that the way most of the technologies are implemented, there's no physical/scientific way for them to possibly work (magnets on the fuel line, for example). However, when done correctly, there are gains to be had (magnets on the fuel line, for example). I hope to educate folks on the proper way to use these technologies to the best of my ability, based on personal experience. The world needs it right now. Inflation is rampant! Fuel prices are trending upwards at an alarming rate! With very few exceptions, most of what is highlighted on our site is other people's stuff (that I personally tested and can put my name on). It's not about selling stuff; I get no commission if someone were to buy Pulstar Spark Plugs (for example), yet I have worked with their products for a dozen years now, and think they are well worth the purchase price (and then some). Many of the pages show folks how to do things themselves without buying anyone's products, like the Grounding information.

If challenged, I am prepared to defend -- with scientific documentation -- at least 90% of what I proclaim on that site, as I have half-heartedly done with the magnets-on-the-fuel-line issue. Looking over your list, I could take up an entire page with just one post countering your "opinions". To make this more educational and beneficial for all involved, if you can provide hard evidence that something I posted is illegal, or "snake oil", I will accept the challenge and post credible evidence to support my claims. Some of my rebuttal may be in the form of lab studies (as with the magnets), or may be actual test data from my dealings with various OEMs. If you personally test what I post and find it doesn't work, please let me know. I don't know everything. I have been proven wrong in the past, and I accept that. Under those circumstances, I "went back to school" and learned the truth, and dispelled my misconceptions. If it doesn't work, maybe it was done wrong, and we can correct the error so it does work.

Again, you don't know how much I appreciate you sharing your observations and opinions. For every one person that speaks out (as you have done), there are probably several dozen others that share the same thoughts that say absolutely nothing.
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